Brent Weidemann

Strategic Growth Advisor

Map a Path to Sustainable Revenue, Influence, Income, and Growth

I will help you find clarity on the essential steps that can make all the difference, so you can scale intentionally.

How Do You Know You’re On the Right Track?

Your organization is ready to scale and dial in a plan for sustainable growth. But how do you know you’re executing the right plan? You know what you’ve been doing won’t get you there, but you’re not sure where to head from here.

My mission is to help you sort out those questions and get laser focused on what matters most for your organization’s future growth. Organizations who work with me see a ROI in revenue, influence, income, and growth.

Consulting For Growth

Unlock Your Potential and Start Expanding Your Revenue Now

I’ll help you uncover exactly what you need to do to monetize your mission and accelerate your growth.

Define Your Vision

Reverse Engineer a Path to your goals

Grow Your Revenue

Achieve Sustainability

“Brent has a superpower of seeing what’s possible and the systems needed to support that vision.”

Noah Elias

Artist, Publisher, Speaker


Pragmatic Solutions That Will Make Your Vision a Reality

My process is born from experience and designed to provide you with the exact blueprint you need to plan, execute, and monitor your next stage of growth.

1: Discovery

Together we’ll do a deep dive into your business, defining both your vision and the obstacles standing in your way.

2: Strategy

Next we’ll build the strategic, holistic marketing machine you’ll need to reach the next level.

3: Execution

Finally, I’ll show you how to put your plan into motion to achieve short-term effectiveness and long-term sustainability.

Learn From My Mistakes Instead of Your Own

I can help because I’ve been exactly where you are: knowing you’re ready to accelerate, but not knowing exactly how you should do it.

So instead of wasting time and money on costly mistakes, I can help you avoid those pitfalls and start moving your organization forward now.

About Brent

Brent Weidemann is co-founder of Truth Becomes Her® and Chief Operating Officer of Bible Belles®. He has managed the writing, production, and publishing processes for more than 18 book projects, resulting in over half a million books sold and more than $10 million dollars in revenue.

Brent works with influencers, brands, speakers, authors, ministry teams and companies to monetize their following, scale their revenue and create long-term sustainability.

Brent lives in Whitefish, Montana with his wife Erin and their four daughters/business partners.

“Unlike most strategic advisors, Brent is simultaneously running other successful companies…. He has immense wisdom from building a brand from nothing and massively scaling it.”

Golden Tate

Super Bowl Champion, Investor

“When it comes to innovative approaches in marketing, Brent is second to none. He’s proven his ability to drill down on what’s important, finely tune a message, reach people on large-scale levels, and keep a client focused on the tasks at hand. He’s also highly empathetic, able to pivot his strategies based on a client’s individual needs. Highly recommended.”

Marcus Brotherton

New York Times bestselling author


More Success Stories From Organizations Like Yours

“Brent was able to clearly articulate the development of a holistic marketing strategy for our organization. He showed us how we could make an immediate impact to significantly improve reach, retention and ROI by increasing the productivity of our marketing assets. His suggestions were well researched, clear and concise. Brent accomplished in one day what it’s taken several other partners to accomplish in a year.”

Pam Johnson
Strategic Advisor, Former global business development director at Nike

“The biggest reasons we engaged Brent are his knowledge and expertise as we look ahead to shape 4word’s future marketing and growth strategies. The results were outstanding. Brent engaged our team to ask the right questions to design and execute on a plan to increase exposure and growth. He took us through a thorough and thoughtful analysis of our organization and recommended pragmatic solutions that we could take action on immediately. We are beyond grateful!”

Diane Paddison

CEO 4Word, Harvard MBA, Former global executive of two Fortune 500 companies, and one Fortune 1000 company.

“Brent has the unique ability to be both a creative marketer AND an informed and realistic operational thinker. His passion in partnership is palpable! His energy and enthusiasm for the work are contagious. He has a proven track record of success not just with his clients but with his own businesses. He helps clients, like me, meet their goals and pushes us towards the best possible outcomes and the maximum impact with our project needs.”
Michelle Hord

Author/Speaker, Former VP NBC

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